Prevent Manscaping Accidents!

Prevent Manscaping Accidents!

You have decided to trim your bush. That's a great start! You are now ahead of 75% of Pinoy guys who don't like to manscape.

So now what? You don't know where to start. Should you use scissors? A razor? Should you wet the area first? A lot of questions are in your mind. Don't sweat it, we got you.

Blades near your package is kind of a sensitive topic *pun intended* thus safety will always be first. Here are some tips so your session will be smooth af *wink wink*


1. Take a shower beforehand

Just like shaping your hair or beard, every manscaping session should begin with a shower. Use a body wash to scrub away any dead skin cells that could cling to hair follicles. It also softens your hair, making it easier to cut, which also means fewer nicks.


2. Use proper trimmers

After you’ve showered, you need to decide whether you want your body hair trimmed or clean-shaven. In both cases, we recommend you use a trimmer specifically made for your nether regions that is waterproof (so you can trim in-shower) and has safety features so you won't cut the skin. Clean cuts by a manscaping razor reduces the risk of irritation, ingrown hair, and cuts compared to a regular razor.

REMINDER: Please don’t use the same razor that you use for your face on your body, which can spread bacteria between the two areas and can lead to infections. Have a specific razor for your face and body hair.


3. Use your trimmer guards

When it comes to manscaping, make sure to proceed with caution. This is a sensitive area — literally and figuratively!

Under no circumstances do you want dry or just barely wet skin, so it’s probably best to shave your nether regions right after you shower. Do it before hopping out. After showering, use small strokes with your razor to begin removing the hair, always washing the blade every two to three strokes. Use your guide combs first to have a safety barrier between your balls and your blade.

You will develop your own technique that works best for you. If you decide you are going to do a bare shave, make sure to spread your skin apart (c'mon you know what I mean) so your skin won't get caught in the blades of your razor.


4. Apply the right cleanser after

After trimming, make sure you apply the right cleanser to rinse off all the hair and to make sure your skin is soft and supple after exposing it to the harshness of manscaping. It's worth it!


For your manscaping needs, just visit us at and we are sure we got what you need.

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