A Step-by-Step Guide to your Alagang Romano Mangrooming Experience

A Step-by-Step Guide to your Alagang Romano Mangrooming Experience

Part of the #AlagangRomano experience is to make sure that your genitals, or the lack thereof, are taken care of. If you’ve seen our social media, we guarantee a frictionless, safe, secure, silent, and cut-less experience.

But over the past months, we’ve seen isolated cases of users who did not browse the unboxing experience and failed to view the trimming guides. To avoid user error and so you can arrive to the promised land, here’s how to use the product the right way in 5-simple steps:

Step 1: Window Shop

You’ve probably seen our products in your feed where we compare our flagship Alagang Romano trimmer against other mangrooming alternatives which include but are not limited to (scissors, traditional shavers, staplers). Pick from our shop to choose which product works for you. If you want the complete #AlagangRomano experience, go for the premium package. If you’re not that mobile and you don’t travel that much, the basic package will do. That Loculus travel bag helps you keep your brand and mangrooming gear well-organized.

Step 2: Checkout for a better you

Check for the available payment methods. If you’re having trouble what to pick, feel free to send our Facebook page a message and our customer support team will get to you. To date, we have the following payment methods available: GCASH, COD, Bank Transfer, and Paypal. After you select your payment method of your choice, lock in that investment, and cash in for a better you with that #AlagangRomano experience.

Bonus pro-tip: If the mangrooming experience need is dire, our customer support can arrange a same-day delivery for you. 😉

Step 3: View the Mangrooming Guides

Once you checkout, prepare for your use by viewing our mangrooming guides. Yes, there’s a right and a wrong way to use the product. We only guarantee the nits and cuts if your experience has no user errors. You can view the mangrooming guides in our Instagram stories here: https://www.instagram.com/romanoesntls/

Other maintenance guides will be included in your unboxing experience, but should you need anything else, our chat support team is 1 chat away to help you.

Step 4: Join the Alagang Romano Community

After you view the mangrooming guides, make sure to join the #AlagangRomano community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/408765050995126

Ka-alaga’s who join the community gain first access to future discount codes, monthly subscriptions for mangrooming packages, member-exclusive freebies, and bonuses. You also get first dibs to pre-orders of our future product releases and pre-orders.

Step 5: Leave a Review for a better experience

Once you receive the product, make sure to tell us what you think by dropping a review of your mangrooming experience in the community. Or if you’re the shy type, you can just send a chat to our customer support team through our Facebook page so we can take note of your user experience. All your feedback is highly valued and we make sure that your comments are heard by our product development team.

If you have a product in mind that you want us to develop, let us know how you envision it and our lead engineer might make it for you if the community wants it too.

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