Strigil 2.0: A New Era

Strigil 2.0: A New Era

Last 2019, we launched Romano’s flagship product—the Romano Esnl’s Flagship Strigil—with the new safecut technology. At that time, with you, we were the first below-the-belt mangrooming brand that offered safety features together with waterproof and wireless functional capability. But all good things must come to an end, because better things have to begin. Hence, we are retiring the Romano Strigil to end its era, to welcome its brother, the Romano Strigil 2.0.

The Parts Where We Can Do Better

For the past 2 years servicing hundreds and thousands of Filipino balls, Filipina coochies, or the lack thereof, we’ve taken notes of your experience and your feedback on how the Strigil Safecut Trimmer of Romano Philippines can trim you better. So far, you’ve loved all the features that we’ve had—from the fact that the Strigil Trimmer can be used to trim casually during shower so you could have a private, silent time, to the modular capability of the blades so you can simply swap when you feel like starting new.

But despite the convenience and the comfort of the first version of the Strigil that took good care of you and your bodily hairs from your beard to your butt hair, we received a recurring feedback—that some customers didn’t care enough to read the mangrooming guides as they banked their life on the technology of the safecut trimmer.

Simply put, the situation was this: after reading about the testimonials of our customers in the community about the beauty of the safecut technology, new customers would immediately go for their #AlagangRomano experience without reading any of the mangrooming guides and tips sent in both chats and product package.

For the past 2 years, this has been a recurring feedback which has caused some uncontrollable user errors that led to the misuse of the Romano Strigil Trimmer—misuse that disables the built-in safety mechanism of the trimmer that sometimes causes injuries which were not intended to happen in the first place.

How We’re Doing Better

So for the next trimmer—as again developed by our Lead Engineer and Founder, Engr. Erol Guintu—we developed a Strigil trimmer so safe it’s literally impossible to get cut. Introducing, the Strigil 2.0 with IMPROVED Safecut Technology… and more!

NEW AND IMPROVED SafeCut Anti-Nick Feature The new trimmer has specially engineered blades which cut coarse or thick hair without any pulling, tugging, nicks, or cuts, guaranteed!

NEW Built-in LED Lights to make sure you see each corner of your path clearly

NEW Display Dock To make sure your visitors see that you manscape in style wink

NEW USB-C CHARGING For that holistic flagship feel, compatible with fast charging with most of your in-house and carry tech and devices

Snap-in Blades Blade modules are replaceable for optimal performance. We recommend replacing then every 3 month of consistent use for hygienic purposes

Adjustable Guide Combs Comes with 2 detachable trimming combs to give you the same options that you have in the old STRIGIL

Non-slip surface Ergonomic, soft-touch grip for comfortable and safe handling that makes it easy and effective to use in those hard to reach areas

Waterproof 100% waterproof and safe to use in showers for added comfort and convenience. Can also be cleaned using running water.

The new STRIGIL Trimmer 2.0 will be available on store by the first week of July only at our official website at As always, Daddy Romano will accommodate on a first come first serve basis with lifetime warranty offers for #AlagangRomano peeps subscribed to the MANtenance subscription packages.

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