Why Do Ancient Statues Have Small Penises?

Why Do Ancient Statues Have Small Penises?

In your college life, while you were browsing some ancient literature for your philosophy, or literature subjects, you probably came across sculptures and representations of old era authors. With their wise words, and thinking that resonates from one generation to another, there’s one detail about the artwork that seems to stand out: all of them have small and relaxed penises. Today, Romano Philippines—your flagship mangrooming partner that provides all your mangrooming kits, needs, and guides—is here to explain.

The Short Answer

The TLDR of the answer is, it signifies wisdom and intelligence. A flaccid penis is reflected on every sculpture, especially in the context of philosophy, since it signified self-control, restraint, and intelligence—traits which are highly respected in ancient cultures and empires such as the Greek’s and the Roman’s.

Moreover, a flaccid penis was also consonant with the ideals before of male beauty. According to Ancient Greece literature, it was a badge of the highest culture and a paragon of civilization—the thinkers and the genuises then, were regarded as the highest contributors of society. Back then, having a small penis was thought highly of. Not only were you beautiful and smart, but you also were regarded highly in society and placed in a pedestal of power.

The Difference Now

Well, it all has to do with cultural values. If small penises were the trend before, the trend now is not about size; rather, performance. Performance is about two things: 1.) hygiene, and 2.) skill. Frankly, you cannot have a good performance with a dirty penis, it has to go both ways. You have to equip the right mangrooming kits and take your below-the-belt hygiene seriously so you can impress and have fun in bed.

Taking care of yourself under isn’t just about pleasing your partner, it’s also about fulfilling your own enjoyment. Rather than worrying about your performance, and spending every moment thinking if the bush can get in the way, you can just focus up, and eat up like a boss. You just have to shave, then dig in. Perform.

What We Can Learn from the Past

What we should learn from the past is not that there is wisdom in small penises, but there is beauty in achieving a higher sense of mindfulness that’s above instinct. Rather than men behaving “primal” and catcalling every single creature seen walking in the street, discipline, and control has to be practiced. As Gentside UK (2022) puts it, a penis at rest and of small size shows that the person can control their emotions, and that he is a man who is civilized.

In these trying times, where the alpha male and sigma male mindset is becoming mistaken for the concept of manlihood, toxic masculinity is on the rise. The ideals of old civilizations that pertain to discipline, wisdom, and control over emotion is gradually fading as mysogynistic systems are built in society. As we celebrated the Women’s History Month last March, it’s but necessary for men to reflect and do something concrete to foster safespaces for your women peers, family, and friends.

Sometimes, it takes bringing back of old ideals and contrasting them against the modern mindset so we can progress and never repeat the systems that discriminated on the basis of sex and gender. For more than just a brand, Romano Philippines —through it’s mangrooming kits, guides, and content—aims to inject the principles of temperance, discipline, and wisdom back to the Filipino society to ultimately defeat toxic masculinity, and foster safespaces.

After all, the Filipino penis—flaccid or not—is one of the smallest penises in the world.

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