We Built the Perfect Undergarment to Complete your Mengrooming Kit

We Built the Perfect Undergarment to Complete your Mengrooming Kit

Contrary to popular belief, below-the-belt men grooming isn’t just about how you maintain yourself, king. It’s not just about how many times you trim with your men grooming products every week, nor how many men grooming kits you have at your disposal; it’s also about how clean your undergarments are, and how comfortable, and fitting they are for your junk. To be straightforward, it doesn’t matter if you groom every month, or use the after trim cleanser every wash, if your undergarments don’t give you a secure, aesthetic, and comfortable feel.

Mangrooming is only maintenance

After all, below-the-belt men grooming is just considered maintenance. But what truly prevents those unaesthetic and uncomfortable spots is the undergarment “armor” that you wield to get through your day. May it be through a long, tough, traffic-filled commute in the metro, a productive day at the office, or a hectic day at the factory, your below-the-belt gear has to: 1.) not squeeze the hotdog and twist your ball sacks, 2.) hold the hard-attacks properly, 3.) be “sweat-proof” and anti-bacterial, and 4.) comfortable. After all, it’s feel good, do good, be good, right?

If you’ve existed in this world long enough, you’ve probably experienced the following scenarios with your branded/non-branded undergarments. Your genitals get sheared by the garments by your v-line when you walk (especially if you’re on the plus side), leaving a red, painful mark, that later scars ungracefully. Your balls sweat so hard from a long day of traffic or grinding at work that you literally have dead skin when you get home.

These are the nightmare scenarios that were voiced out to us by the #AlagangRomano club community. So we designed the perfect undergarment for the modern man.

It’s also about prevention

To keep the genitals pristine, fresh, and comfortable, the ideal man undergarment has to have:

  • a comfortable liner that can hug the waistline, but not choke it
  • anti-bacterial properties to keep the sweat at bay
  • stretchable, sport-able material that doesn’t shear from high-energy activities
  • soft-fabric to not hurt when hard attacks occur
  • space on the crouch area to give the genitals breathing room

and Romano’s next release in our mengrooming line kit has exactly that.

Introducing your Scabbard Boxer Briefs

Designed to complete your mengrooming experience, and infuse maintenance with prevention designed theto give you a comfortable and secure look to be the gigachad that you really are, the engineers of Romano Philippines gives you the Romano boxers.

With copper infused lining, made from lenzing modal and spandex, fabric soft to the touch, and a pouch on the crotch area so your junior can breathe properly, the Romano boxer is your undergarment armor that can protect you with confidence at every occasion. Sports and weightlifting with the homies? We got your balls. A long day at work, and a tough commute that makes the ball sweat? We give your junior room to breathe. You name the scenario, we got you covered.

The first ever recipients of the Romano Scabbard Boxer Briefs are a chosen few members of the #AlagangRomano Club Community in Facebook who have been supporting the brand over the years. All of our products are engineered, designed, prototyped, tested, and mastered by our very own engineering team, led by our CEO and Founder, Engr. Erol Guintu. Every product is built by our Engineering team experienced in product development, with every product tested, prototyped, improved, and developed before release.

If you want first dibs in the future releases of Romano Philippines for your mengrooming kits, tips, and needs, join the #AlagangRomano Club Community at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/408765050995126, and get first dibs in discounts, drops, and pre-orders for our future releases.

If you’re looking for men grooming near you, Romano Philippines is the flagship men brand that offers premium men grooming products and tips. We’re opening up our subscription box soon, so follow our page so you can be posted!

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