Your Step-by-Step Guide to your Romano Philippines Mangrooming Session

Your Step-by-Step Guide to your Romano Philippines Mangrooming Session

Romano’s flagship product—the Romano STRIGIL Safecut Trimmer—is designed by our engineering and product development team, led by CEO and Founder, Engr. Erol Guintu to guarantee a safe, silent, and no cut mangrooming experience. Here are some of our men grooming tips with the STRIGIL Trimmer so you can get that perfect shave from prepping to aftercare.

Step 1: Don’t forget to lubricate

Not that kind of lubricate yet. That comes after the mangrooming experience! Let’s dive to the product first. Your first step is to oil the white part of the blade of the STRIGIL Trimmer so you can get a smoother trim. Oiling the blades of the trimmer keeps the clipper from pulling as you cut, and it reduces friction while you groom. A drop of oil at the white part of the blade already does the job, and baby oil will do.

Step 2: Recharge and Prep

If you’re using the product for the first time, make sure to go for a 5-hour charge first to max out the battery life. For your next mangrooming sessions after your first, make sure to prep the product with a 1-hour charge so you can maintenance battery life as well.

Note that: lubricating and recharging the product are non-sequential, and step 2 can come after step 1, but we recommend lubricating first so the oil already flows after your charge.

Step 3: Prep your body

Before you dive to grooming below-the-belt, you have to prep your body first. Ideally, you wash your body first with soap and clean your area before trimming so minimal dirt is fed to the blades. Most of our #AlagangRomano users even opt to do their grooming sessions during or after their shower (remember that the STRIGIL Trimmer is waterproof!).

Step 4: Mangroom

This step is the most important part. Read this thoroughly since user error can deactivate the safety mechanism that our engineering team designed to set the mangrooming experience with Romano’s STRIGIL Trimmer apart from other shaving brands.

When you shave, trim parallel to the skin. It’s similar to how you shave with your razors for your beard before. If you shave using the trimmer with an aggressively angled position that you’re almost shaving perpendicularly, you’ll disable the safety mechanism.

Mangrooming is a skill, and like all skills, it has to be practiced. So if you’re not confident with the trimmer yet, feel free to use the shaving guards and start from the thickest cut and work your way towards the 9 mm. If the bush is too thick, feel free to use them first. Once you get the hang of it, you can now use the trimmer without the shaving guards. The closest trim you’ll get is a 1 mm because we built in a 1 mm trimmer guard to the blade as part of the safety mechanism.

Since the skin isn’t also flat, please don’t expect to get a clean shave in one go—unless you’re built differently. Feel free to transverse your area with the right mangrooming angles lengthwise and crosswise to get the clean cut you deserve.

Step 5: Aftercare

For your best trimming experience, make sure to use the after trim cleanser on your hotdog and ball area and apply, and massage it generously. It works like a soap, so make sure that it foams and wash it off after a good simmer. After you wash, you’d slowly start to feel a cool and relaxing sensation that we guarantee your balls haven’t felt before.

Trust us. If you want to know how the feminine wash feels? This is the closest experience you’d get, and it’s designed precisely to massage, moisturize, and make your balls bloom. Try smelling the difference if you’re flexible enough.

Step 6: Maintenance

If you got this far, we’re releasing a monthly subscription package that contains our newest men skincare products containing the after trim cleanser and the ball deodorizer, delivered to your door step every month. Reach out to our page and we’ll give the first 5 subscribers a free #AlagangRomano boxers!

For your maintenance, make sure to clean the blade with the provided brush and rid it of the hair follicle residues from your past session. Make sure to store the trimmer in a clean area out of moisture and away from direct sunlight.

Step 7: Action

You know what this means. Jump to the bed and get on it, daddy!

If you’re looking for men grooming near you, Romano Philippines is the flagship men brand that offers premium men grooming products and tips. We’re opening up our subscription box soon, so follow our page so you can be posted!

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