Multi-awarded Filipino Actor Christian Bables joins the #AlagangRomano Club

Multi-awarded Filipino Actor Christian Bables joins the #AlagangRomano Club

Filipino Actor Christian Bables joins the #AlagangRomano Club

Christian Bables was onboarded as a brand partner of Romano Philippines last February 9, 2022, on a meeting with Erol Guintu—the CEO and Founder of Romano Essentials—to bring the Alagang Romano experience the mainstream Filipino.

In his onboarding, Christian expressed his resonation with the brand’s mangrooming philosophy, and says that he’s one with the brand’s mission to defeat toxic masculinity in the Filipino society and make the sex ed discussion less taboo.

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Christian is known in the mainstream media for his wide range of performances that often tackles SOGIE (sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender) expression.

In an interview with Magandang Buhay last 2019, Christian also revealed that he borrowed his girlfriend’s clothes for his portrayal in a movie.

Christian Bables was recently declared Best Leading Actor in the 5th Hanoi International Film Festival for his performance as “Intoy” in the movie Signal Rock. He was also given the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Gawad Urian Awards for his transwoman character “Barbs” in the movie, Die Beautiful.

Romano Essentials is proud to work with a talented and progressive actor that resonates with the brand’s mission to forward the mangrooming and SOGIE discussion towards creating more safespaces, to ultimately defeat toxic masculinity.

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