How to Use STRIGIL Manscaping Trimmer

How to Use STRIGIL Manscaping Trimmer

So you, a modern Pinoy guy has finally decided to manscape.

You have decided to get a STRIGIL Manscaping Trimmer (which is one of the best investements you've made ever, btw) 

OR you are still thinking about getting one (what's stopping you, bro?)

Whatever the case may be, here are tips in using your STRIGIL to ensure a smooth and cut-free shaving experience.

1. Make sure your unit is fully charged before each session

Surely you wouldn't want a half-shaver vay-ugh before hopping out of the shower

2. Wet and wash your desired are to be shaved.

Make sure you clean the area with your preferred soap and water so the skin and hairs will be soft and supple before your session. Towel-dry the area afterwards before proceeding

3. Start with a guard to trim your bush down.

If this is your first time manscaping, chances are your bush will be too thick. It is best that you start with a guard first to trim those unruly hairs before using the bare blade if you want a clean cut.

4. Trim with the blade plate parallel to the skin.

Trimming with the blade perpendicular to your skin might disable the safety features of the blade. Make sure the blade plate lays parallel to your skin when trimming. Proceed slowly and cautiously,

5. Pull loose skin taut and tight.

When trimming down under, Pull loose skin before trimming to avoid cuts (come on bro, you know what I'm talking about). That way, the blade will glide smoothly.


Take it slow! You can practice with blade guards before going bare. Safety first!

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