Top 3 Reasons Why Pinoys Should Manscape

Top 3 Reasons Why Pinoys Should Manscape

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You're a modern pinoy, and you would like to up your grooming game by adding proper manscaping to your arsenal. You look it up but you only see foreign articles and products. Is it really only for foreign guys or are we missing out?

Pinoys aren't that keen in shaving or trimming their body and pubic hair. Maybe because it's not the norm, or maybe because it's a taboo topic. Some would ask "why?" and "what for?".

Here are the top 3 reasons why Pinoys should definitely manscape: 

Manscaping cuts down on the sweating

Being in a very hot and humid country, we are prone to sweat excessively in areas we don't want to. Excessive hair traps heat and sweat  on your body, making you feel even more hot and sweaty. Repeat cycle.

Excess sweat encourages the development of odor, the unpleasant kind. Manscaping will help with this. It will also help your body regulate heat and prevent the bad odor in your nether regions leaving you feeling extremely confident. Sweating is good, but don’t let that pubic hair lead to excessive sweating.  Just trim it and feel much better.

Makes you look BIGGER

In a country where the average size is on the lower side of the spectrum, you need every inch. As in EVERY inch to maximize whatever God has given you.

Shaving off the pubic hair will make the base of your penis visible which makes it look bigger. When you shave the pubic hair the base of the penis is no longer covered with pubic hair and this is the main reason it makes your junjun look 1 or 2 inches bigger in size. Who doesn’t like that?

It feels better

With less hair covering your skin your body is better able to regulate body temperature. This means that you won’t need to sweat as much to release heat from your body, making you feel cooler and dryer, especially in the summer. Also, when you look good, you feel good


Manscaping is about putting your best foot forward and presenting the best version of yourself; one who is groomed, sharp and slick, even in your birthday suit. If you look good and feel good, you’ll have more confidence in yourself and be better perceived by others. We Filipinos should incorporate manscaping as a part of our grooming routine. Let's start by being opne-minded when talking about it, since it is for the our benefit. All of us ;)

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My manscaping routine was a hassle before! But with the product I can go shorter without the nicks, bumps, and ingrown hair! It’s all chill and breezy down there during this humid and hot season!

Carl Benz Lozano

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