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How to Use STRIGIL Manscaping Trimmer

So you, a modern Pinoy guy has finally decided to manscape. You have decided to get a STRIGIL Manscaping Trimmer (which is one of the best investements you've made ever, btw)  OR you are still thinking about getting one (what's stopping you, bro?) Whatever the case may be, here are tips in using your STRIGIL to ensure a smooth and cut-free shaving experience. 1. Make sure your unit is fully charged before each session Surely you wouldn't want a half-shaver vay-ugh before hopping out of the shower 2. Wet and wash your desired are to be shaved. Make sure you clean the area with your preferred soap and water so the skin and hairs will be soft and supple before...

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Prevent Manscaping Accidents!

You have decided to trim your bush. That's a great start! You are now ahead of 75% of Pinoy guys who don't like to manscape. So now what? You don't know where to start. Should you use scissors? A razor? Should you wet the area first? A lot of questions are in your mind. Don't sweat it, we got you. Blades near your package is kind of a sensitive topic *pun intended* thus safety will always be first. Here are some tips so your session will be smooth af *wink wink*   1. Take a shower beforehand Just like shaping your hair or beard, every manscaping session should begin with a shower. Use a body wash to scrub away any dead skin...

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Top 3 Reasons Why Pinoys Should Manscape

You're a modern pinoy, and you would like to up your grooming game by adding proper manscaping to your arsenal. You look it up but you only see foreign articles and products. Is it really only for foreign guys or are we missing out? Pinoys aren't that keen in shaving or trimming their body and pubic hair. Maybe because it's not the norm, or maybe because it's a taboo topic. Some would ask "why?" and "what for?". Here are the top 3 reasons why Pinoys should definitely manscape:  Manscaping cuts down on the sweating Being in a very hot and humid country, we are prone to sweat excessively in areas we don't want to. Excessive hair traps heat and sweat ...

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