It Takes Balls To Stand Out

Roman citizens came to expect high standards of hygiene, which is our inspiration. Most men don't care so much about their hygiene, especially in areas that are usually hidden from plain sight. Don't be untidy, unkempt, a modern caveman.
Manscaping and Body Grooming made safe and easy

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Safecut Technology

We utilize advanced ceramics to prevent nicks and snags on especially on sensitive skin. Our blades are designed to maintain a smoother cutting process that is less likely to cut.

Revolutionary Design

Light and compact. Designed for easy maneuvering, even in tight spaces. Ergonomic. Perfect for the modern man.


Convenient trimming in the shower. Ultra-quiet
operation & low vibration.

There’s No Shame In Your Self-improvement Game

Most men don’t know how to take care of themselves down there.

Manscaping and body grooming seems to still be a sensitive topic here in the Philippines. We aim to stop the stigma.

Get yourself the best Philippine Manscaping and body grooming tools

89% of men think good grooming is essential for professional success. - Business Wire

93% of Women Prefer Men Who Groom Below the Waist -

85% of women think bad grooming is a major turn-off - Dr. Drew

When you trim the hedges, the tree stands taller. Enough said.

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